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OLIGARCHY Radio Episode 10

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Ambient Awareness

Words by ADVIL400

Consider the context in which you are reading these words in this moment. Become aware of the environment you are in: the sounds wavering in, out, and around you; the visual stimulus of your surroundings. Perhaps a fan gently hums across the room interrupted by intermittent traffic outside the window. Your phone rings, someone is playing music. The weather’s nice today. The sun is bright but you’re in the shade, you’re comfortable with just a t-shirt on. It was always there in plain sight. Now back to the action at hand. You were reading this whole time and yet you perceived external ambience. You observed it within the simulacrum created by reading, you perceived it as its own entity described to you. Perhaps you even felt it — an induced tacit feeling. It was there all along. Breathe, look up, and realize for yourself the true nature of your ambience. It was there all along.

We must now be hyper aware of a whole nebula of inde­pendent variables constantly fighting for our attention. Where we were once instinctively selective of where our attention was directed for the sake of survival and self preservation, we are now forced into choosing the path of least resistance to the mind.

We are hardwired to shutdown and flee when confronted with sensory overload and yet we are shepherded into it without our consent. Beyond sensory perception, other sociopolitical and economic structures constantly exist in our subconscious through forms of news & media, commercial advertising, and desire for consumption. There is no more room for space, there is no more time to breathe. We are suffocating ourselves without realizing it.

Having acknowledged that it is more than possible for your environment to be modulated against your will by external agents, we must now realize that even though we each have our own intricate personal ambi­ence we are also at all times part of someone else’s. While this is a beauti­ful thing adding complex depths and layers to the human interpersonal experience, it’s important to reflect on what makes our space sacred and to apply that respectfully to the space of those around us.

Being social crea­tures we naturally aggregate towards other people that are open to sharing a similar space with us thus forming a complementary harmony of mutual ambiences. This is what allows com­munities to strive and grow through mutual acceptance of shared space and through the creation of a cohesive sensory culture.

Singular Idiosyncratic Ambience

Multiple Intersecting Ambiences

Harmonious Community of Mutual Ambiences

You are free to let any cultural output be part of your ambience. You can project music into your environ­ment allowing you to be in control of your own ambience at any time, or you can share it with friends and coexist in a mutual sonic agreement.

Of course, this applies not only to music but to the grand fields of art, design, cuisine, literature, etc. The beauty that comes out of this freedom is essential to our lives and realizing that we are constantly experiencing the fruit of it applied to every single individual at once is a wonderful thing. In the same way you unconsciously open yourself to the music in your room or the warmth of the sun, open yourself to the implicit symphony of every­day life and embrace the worlds that exist within each and every one of us. Simultaneously lose and find yourself in the ambience.

Graphic material is open for use on the public domain.